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Amaze, Shine, Uplift 

 WOW Art Glass; Wonders on Wings

About WOW Art Glass

WOW Art Glass is wonder-full resonance of fused-glass art by Barrie Andrews, MFA that evokes insight, delight, and levity: Wonders On Wings. 

The color, clarity, quality and size of precious gems, has its analogues of essentials of color and chemistry in glass, that are best mastered for superior design in WOW works of art.

From the Designer

From brilliant architectural fused glass panels, to wearable art for the discerning collector, fused-glass art is taken to a new level in the work of Barrie Andrews, MFA.  

She says, “Our preciousness is mirrored in the mutable and evocative qualities of glass colors.  As viewers we become inquisitive; wearing the works we feel seen.”

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